Human Rights Stories 2021



[2021-12-31] Vietnam: Independent TV journalist sentenced to five years in prison in Vietnam

[2021-12-29] Vietnam: Independent Political Candidate Faces Charges

[2021-12-29] Vietnamese police disrupt Christmas celebration of Montagnard Christians

[2021-12-27] Vietnamese police arrest followers of religious group during founder’s funeral

[2021-12-17] UN rights office urges Viet Nam to release jailed activists

[2021-12-17] Western nations condemn recent jailing of dissidents in Vietnam

[2021-12-17]  EU Calls for Probe Into Vietnamese Workers in Serbia

[2021-12-16] VNHRN and DTD'S Joint statement in protest of court sentences against 4 dissidents in December 2021

[2021-12-16] Vietnamese activist jailed for 10 years for writings against corruption

[2021-12-15] Vietnamese land rights activists draw heavy prison terms in Hanoi trial

[2021-12-14] Vietnamese independent journalist Pham Doan Trang is jailed for 9 years

[2021-12-13] Vietnamese building Chinese factory in Serbia exploited, workers, rights groups say

[2021-12-12] VNHRN celebrates the 73rd International Human Rights Day and the 20th Vietnam Human Rights Award Ceremony

[2021-12-03] Australia: Press Vietnam to Respect Rights

[2021-12-03] Facebook removes accounts targeting critics of Vietnam’s government

[2021-11-29]] Vietnam political prisoners held all day in cells launch strike

[2021-11-27] ‘Cheated, sold and bought’: UN urges Vietnam, Saudis to stop trafficking of workers

[2021-11-21] Four Human Rights Defenders to Go to Trials on Charge of “Conducting Anti-state Propaganda”

[2021-11-20] Vietnam Human Rights Network announced Vietnam Human Rights Award 2021

[2021-11-16] Access Blocked to Vietnamese Workers Allegedly Exploited in Serbia: NGOs

[2021-11-16] Vietnamese noodle vendor summoned by police over his video imitating ‘Salt Bae’ chef

[2021-11-15] Vietnam police chief vows crackdown on online ‘crime’

[2021-11-15] Vietnam jails Facebook user for 7 years for anti-state posts

[2021-11-08] Wife of detained Vietnam journalist appeals for international help

[2021-11-08] Christians Questioned in Criminal Investigation of Church in Vietnam

[2021-11-05] Vietnam gets angry over minister's gold-leaf steak

[2021-11-05] More than 130 Organizations calling the US Congress to pass Legislation on Vietnam Human Rights

[2021-11-04] Viet Nam and Saudi Arabia: UN experts call for protection of trafficked workers

[2021-11-03] Vietnamese activist told wife will be arrested if he doesn’t ‘confess’

[2021-11-01] Jailed Vietnamese blogger tells family he’s in danger before call is cut off

[2021-11-01] CPJ condemns harsh prison sentences handed to 5 journalists in Vietnam

[2021-10-29] Vietnam sentences Facebook user to 6.5 years on anti-state charge

[2021-10-29] Viet Nam: release writer held on “propaganda” charges - UN experts 

[2021-10-28] Vietnam court sentences ‘Clean Newspaper’ journalists to long prison terms

[2021-10-27] Vietnam Violated Journalist's Rights, UN Watchdog Says

[2021-10-26] Vietnam: Immediately release independent journalist and human rights defender Pham Doan Trang

[2021-10-26] Facebook a 'propaganda tool' for Vietnam government: activists

[2021-10-15] Fourth Vietnamese charged for connections with US-based exile group

[2021-10-14] Jailed Vietnamese land activist was tortured in bid to extract confession

[2021-10-12] Vietnam Indicts Activist Pham Doan Trang After One Year of Pretrial Detention

[2021-10-06] Vietnam Arrests Facebook User for Posts Criticizing COVID-19 Policies

[2021-10-01] Vietnam Police Violently Force Citizen to Test for COVID-19

[2021-09-30] Vietnam admits arrests for possession of UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples

[2021-09-23] Vietnamese Dissident Receives Death Threats Over Criticism of China’s COVID Vaccines

[2021-09-10] Third Vietnamese Charged For Facebook Connections With US-Based Exile Group

[2021-09-10] Vietnam Indicts Five Journalists From Facebook-Based Outlet

[2021-09-08] Vietnam Ignores Petition, Denies Citizenship Rights to Detained Former RFA Blogger

[2021-09-01] Vietnamese Police Pose as Health Workers to Arrest Dissident Blogger

[2021-09-01] Christian Families In Vietnam Denied Of Essential Government-Supplied COVID Relief

[2021-08-26] US Vice President Kamala Harris Raises Human Rights Issues in Talks in Vietnam

[2021-08-23] Vietnam Human Rights Network concluded its 15th Congress

[2021-08-18] Families of Vietnamese Political Prisoners Ask US Vice President to Pressure Hanoi for Their Release

[2021-08-18] Vietnam Court Sentences Member of ‘Provisional Government’ to Three-Year Prison Term

[2021-08-10] Vietnam Punishes Critics of Government’s COVID-19 Response

[2021-08-04] Vietnam Human Rights Network and Defend the Defenders’ Joint Open Letter to Vice President Kamala Harris

[2021-08-02] Jailed Vietnamese Democracy Advocate Vows Hunger Strike to His Death

[2021-07-23] Relative of Detained Vietnamese Journalist Indicted for Hiding Him from Police

[2021-07-20] Vietnamese Facebook Users Draw Long Prison Terms For ‘Anti-State’ Posts

[2021-07-16] Vietnam buying Israel spyware to repress opposition

[2021-07-15] Vietnamese authorities should release journalist Pham Chi Thanh immediately and unconditionally: CPJ

[2021-07-15] Vietnam: EU Domestic Advisory Group (DAG) denounces activists’ arrests

[2021-07-14] Vietnam to tighten grip on social media livestream activity

[2021-07-13] Biden's Vietnam ambassador nominee vows to press Hanoi on rights, trade

[2021-07-09] Vietnamese Dissident Writer Jailed for Five Years, Six Months by Hanoi Court   

[2021-07-08] Free Prominent Novelist Pham Chi Thanh Suffering Health Problems: Human Rights Watch   

[2021-07-07] Open Call forNominations for the 2021 Vietnam Human Rights Award      

[2021-07-06] Reporters Without Borders calls for the immediate release of Le Van Dung

[2021-07-06] Vietnamese Rights Activist Arrested in Hanoi, Charged Under Article 117

[2021-07-02] Jailed Vietnamese Land Activist Held in Solitary Confinement: Daughter

[2021-07-01] Family of Vietnamese Soldier Holds Funeral After Authorities Agree to Investigate His Death

[2021-07-01] Fugitive Independent Journalist Arrested in Vietnam After Month on the Run

[2021-06-30] Villagers Evicted From Vietnamese Development Site Despite Ongoing Compensation Talks

[2021-06-20] VNHRN Releases its Report on Human Rights in Vietnam 2020-2021 

[2021-06-18] Human Rights Campaign: Amnesty International calls for immediate and unconditional release of Nguyen Thuy Hanh

[2021-06-18] Vietnam Issues Social Media ‘Code of Conduct,’ Putting Repression Into Rules

[2021-06-16] Vietnam’s ‘Clean Newspaper’ Writers May Face Additional Charges

[2021-06-11] Vietnam: Human trafficking on the rise amid COVID

[2021-06-05] Christian human rights organisation calls for fair treatment of Vietnamese church facing criminal charges for Covid outbreak

[2021-06-03] Activists and Vietnamese students blast archaic matchmaking program

[2021-06-02] Vietnamese Facebook User Draws Seven-Year Prison Term for ‘Anti-State’ Writings

[2021-06-02] Vietnamese Police Issue Nationwide ‘Special Warrant’ for Fugitive Journalist

[2021-05-21] Vietnam Goes to The Polls With State-Approved Candidates Offering Little Choice

[2021-05-17] Jailed Vietnamese Land Activist Held Under Harsh Conditions: Daughter

[2021-05-10] Vietnamese Social Media Platform Fined, Suspended Over Vague ‘Violations’

[2021-05-07] Vietnam arrests banned book publisher's distributor 

[2021-05-06] Statement of Vietnam Human Rights Network and Defend The Defenders on the Conviction of Ms. Can Thi Theu and her son Trinh Ba Tu 

[2021-05-05] Vietnamese Mother, Son Draw Eight-Year Prison Terms for Land-Rights Activism

[2021-05-04] Vietnam: Free Democracy Activist Mother, Sons Family Members Face Trial for Criticizing Government

[2021-05-02] Migrant workers in Taiwan want legal protection as Mother's Day gift

[2021-04-26] On the Arrests of Journalists Affiliated with Vietnamese Bao Sach Group

[2021-04-23] Vietnamese Journalist Gets Eight Years for ‘Anti-State’ Writings

[2021-04-22] Vietnamese Facebook User Jailed for Two Years for ‘Abusing Democratic Rights’

[2021-04-22] Human Rights Law NGO Hits Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand for Using Coronavirus to Control Media

[2021-04-19] Jailed Vietnamese RFA Blogger ‘Haggard,’ Showing Signs of Mental Decline at An Phuoc

[2021-04-15] Vietnamese Facebook User Freed After Five Days of Questioning by Police

[2021-04-14] Vietnamese Authorities Detain Ethnic Khmer Krom Publisher of Book on Indigenous Rights

[2021-04-13] Vietnamese Police Release Ethnic Cham After Four-Day Interrogation

[2021-04-07] Vietnamese Activist Who Aids Jailed Dissidents' Families Arrested For 'Anti-State Documents'

[2021-04-06] Jailed Vietnamese RFA Blogger in Poor Health, Slowed by Injured Hand

[2021-04-02] Jailed Vietnamese Democracy Advocate Launches New Hunger Strike

[2021-04-01] Vietnam: Fresh crackdown as National Assembly election looms

[2021-04-01] Vietnamese Activist Sent Back to Detention After Mental Hospital Stay for ‘Evaluation’

[2021-03-31] VN Facebook Users Draw Prison Terms for Postings Criticizing Government, State Officials

[2021-03-30] Four Activists Convicted of “Conducting Anti-state Propaganda,” Sentenced to 31 Years in Prison

[2021-03-30] Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam See Continued Rights Abuses, Restrictions on Free Expression: Report

[2021-03-29] Vietnamese Activists Facing Death Refuse to Plead for Amnesty, Asserting Innocence

[2021-03-26] Jailed Vietnamese RFA Blogger Barred From Family Visits Amid ‘COVID’ Concerns

[2021-03-24] Vietnamese Dissident Writer Sent Back to Serve 12-Year Term After Losing Appeal

[2021-03-23] Vietnamese Doctor Charged With ‘Harming People’s Trust in the Party’

[2021-03-22] Vietnamese Land Activist Sent to Mental Hospital for Refusing to Speak to Police

[2021-03-19] Vietnam Land Activist Sent to New Prison Without Word to His Family

[2021-03-18] Authorities Sic ‘Hunting Dog’ on Vietnamese Political Prisoner in Tiny Cell

[2021-03-13] Vietnam Sentences Four for Involvement in US-Based Exile Government

[2021-03-10] Vietnamese Facebook User Arrested for Writings Criticizing the Government

[2021-03-09] Vietnam Court Upholds Sentences for Six Dong Tam Defendants

[2021-03-08] Lawyers Obstructed on First Day of Dong Tam Appeals Trial in Vietnam

[2021-02-23] APT32 state hackers target human rights defenders with spyware

[2021-02-23] Critics Roll Their Eyes as Vietnam Applies to Join UN Human Rights Council

[2021-02-18] CPJ: Vietnamese reporter Phan Bui Bao Thy detained over critical Facebook posts

[2021-02-16] State magazine reporter held for “abusing democratic freedoms”

[2021-02-11] Vietnamese Police Say Prisoner Died After a Fall, Revising Earlier Suicide Claim

[2021-01-29] Jailed Vietnamese RFA Blogger Refuses to Appeal Sentence, Destroys Petition Form

[2021-01-22] EU lawmakers condemn Vietnam over human rights crackdown

[2021-01-22] Vietnam: Crackdown Ahead of Party Congress

[2021-01-21] Vietnamese Facebook User Gets Seven-Year Term For Ridiculing Leaders

[2021-01-18] Vietnam steps up 'chilling' crackdown on dissent ahead of key Communist Party congress

[2021-01-15] Heavy sentences against Vietnamese journalists send chilling message: UN experts

[2021-01-14] Jailed Vietnamese Democracy Advocate Hospitalized as Hunger Strike Hits Day 50

[2021-01-13] Rights Violations Intensify in Vietnam: HRW

[2021-01-12] Vietnam Rights Defenders Weigh Magnitsky Measures as Criticism of Hanoi’s Crackdown Mounts

[2021-01-08] Vietnam Court Rejects Appeal of ‘Constitution Group’ Protesters, Returning Them to Prison

[2021-01-08] UN rights office denounces ‘increasing clampdown’ on freedom of expression

[2021-01-07] Vietnamese Facebook User Jailed For One Year For ‘Offending’ Officials

[2021-01-06] US, EU Demand Release of Vietnamese RFA Blogger and Others Jailed For ‘Peaceful Expression’ of Views

[2021-01-06] Vietnam Human Rights Network, Defend The Defenders, and Human Rights Relief Foundation protest against the sentencing of 3 members of the Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam (IJAVN)

[2021-01-05] Vietnam journalists who criticised government jailed for 'spreading propaganda' 



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