Vietnamese organizations are calling on the US to urge Vietnam to observe the human rights


Foundation For Democracy of Vietnam

November 1, 2022 

A coalition of Vietnamese organizations issued an open letter urging the US delegation to the 26th U.S.-Vietnam Human Rights Dialogue in Hanoi to convince the Vietnamese authorities to observe human rights. These organizations include Vietnam Human Rights Network (Mạng Lưới Nhân Quyền Việt Nam), Defend The Defenders (Tổ Chức Người Bảo Vệ Nhân Quyền), Vietnam Democracy Federation (Lực Lượng Cứu Quốc), and Vietnam Democracy Radio (Đài phát thanh Đáp Lời Sông Núi).

Following are actions that the open letter indicated “the Vietnamese government must carry out to be consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international covenants on human rights, of which it is a state member or signatory”:

- Immediate release political prisoners, dissidents, leaders of civil society organizations on environmental protection,
- Fully guarantee the right to freedom of expression,
- Truthfully enforce the right to freedom of association, especially the rights of independent trade unions,
- Restitute appropriated places of worship, charity facilities, and schools to religious groups,
- Respect the traditions and culture of ethnic minorities.
In conclusion, the open letter emphasized, “Furthermore, Vietnam must work its way up to the membership of the UN Human Rights Council it has just acquired.”

The 26th U.S.-Vietnam Human Rights Dialogue will be held on November 2 in Hanoi, Vietnam.



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