Human Rights Stories 2022



[2022-12-27] Police in Vietnam’s Dak Lak province detain religious rights campaigner

[2022-12-20]  Property and health scandals are Vietnam's highest profile corruption cases in 2022

[2022-12-16]  Vietnam dismisses US move to put country on religious freedom ‘watch list’

[2022-12-14] EU, ASEAN parliamentarians call for release of Southeast Asian rights activists 

[2022-12-13] Authorities destroy Unified Church of Vietnam’s Son Linh Pagoda

[2022-12-11] Prisoner of conscience Nguyen Nang Tinh receives Le Dinh Luong prize

[2022-12-10] The 2022 Vietnam Human Rights Award Ceremony in Frankfurt, Germany

[2022-12-07] Vietnam’s human rights situation ‘continues to deteriorate,’ civil society groups say

[2022-12-02] Vietnamese former prisoner tells of repeated abusive treatment while in detention

[2022-11-29] Appeals for the release of Tran Huynh Duy Thuc fall on deaf ears

[2022-11-27] 5 Vietnamese women rescued in Paranaque; 2 others arrested for human trafficking

[2022-11-23] Vietnamese political prisoner’s family denounces jail for harsh treatment

[2022-11-22] Vietnamese court sentences couple to jail for YouTube channel content

[2022-11-21] Vietnamese founder of outlawed Buddhist sect dies in prison

[2022-11-20] VNHRN Holds a Reception Celebrating the 25th Anniversary and Announces the 2022 VN Human Rights Award Winners.

[2022-11-18] Vietnam dissenter jailed for 8 years for Facebook posts criticising handling of pandemic

[2022-11-15] UN group calls for the release of political prisoner Tran Duc Thach

[2022-11-14] Vietnam Using Jail to 'Silence' Human Rights Journalist, Lawyer Says

[2022-11-09] Police arrest 7 farmers in land-use dispute in Vietnamese highlands

[2022-11-08] Hundreds of police descend on Dong Tam in an attempt to quash land protests

[2022-11-04] Vietnamese prisoner of conscience denied family visits after hunger strike

[2022-11-03] Vietnam should be ‘consistent with Universal Declaration of Human Rights,’ NGOs say

[2022-11-02] Protestants in Vietnam’s Central Highlands complain of constant police harassment

[2022-11-01] Vietnamese organizations are calling on the US to urge Vietnam to observe the human rights

[2022-10-31] Catholics face off against Dong Tam authorities in land rights dispute

[2022-10-28] In Defense of Religious Liberty, Grothman Adopts Two Vietnamese Prisoners of Conscience

[2022-10-28] CPJ: Vietnam must ‘stop equating independent journalism with crime’

[2022-10-27] Prisoner’s wife submits petition to authorities after receiving threatening visits

[2022-10-25] Vietnamese citizen journalist sentenced to jail for advocating for land petitioners

[2022-10-24] Priest who assists disabled Southern vets banned from leaving Vietnam

[2022-10-21] Rights groups call on UN secretary general to urge Vietnam to free 4 activists

[2022-10-21] Vietnam ranked world’s fifth worst country for internet freedom

[2022-10-21] Rights groups call on UN secretary general to urge Vietnam to free 4 activists

[2022-10-18] Vietnamese prisoner of conscience Trinh Ba Tu twice denied a family visit this month

[2022-10-14] Thai police arrest Khmer Krom refugees amid deportation fears

[2022-10-11] Vietnam wins seat on UN Human Rights Council despite record of rights abuses

[2022-10-10] Vietnamese prisoner-of-conscience Huynh Thuc Vy says she was beaten in prison

[2022-10-05] Wife of Vietnamese lecturer says she doesn’t believe he refused a defense lawyer

[2022-09-30] Vietnamese Facebooker arrested for posting “anti-state video.”

[2022-09-28] Vietnam rights lawyer barred from leaving country

[2022-09-26] Vetnamese activist Trinh Ba Tu reportedly assaulted in prison

[2022-09-26] Dozens of Vietnamese lawyers sign petition to abolish prisoners’ foot shackles

[2022-09-22] Police in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City accused of beating YouTuber, destroying camera

[2022-09-21] HRW: Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security continues Stalinist crackdown

[2022-09-20] Vietnamese dissident appeals five-year sentence

[2022-09-14] Green Activists Urge U.N. Rights Body to Reject Vietnam's Bid to Join

[2022-09-14] UN human rights chief calls on Vietnam to free jailed activists

[2022-09-13] Vietnamese authorities call 'Jesus Church' in northern provinces an 'evil religion'

[2022-09-09] Nguyen Van Kha’s family waiting for an explanation for December death in custody

[2022-09-08] Vietnamese blogger sentenced to 5 years after trial without defense lawyer

[2022-09-07] Vietnamese noodle vendor arrested by police over video and social media posts

[2022-09-06] Vietnamese political prisoners face discrimination

[2022-09-02] Cambodia returns 26 Vietnamese workers as embassy warns of job scams

[2022-08-25] Vietnamese journalist loses appeal against nine-year sentence

[2022-08-24] Foreign embassies in Hanoi issue joint statement on religious freedom

[2022-08-23] Human trafficking rings found after 40 Vietnamese escape from Cambodia casino

[2022-08-22] Vietnam’s religious communities commemorate victims of religious persecution

[2022-08-19] New Law in Vietnam Brings Fines for Recording in Court Without Permission

[2022-08-17] Vietnam courts reject appeals by two prominent activists

[2022-08-17] Vietnam orders tech firms to store user data onshore

[2022-08-16] Vietnamese artist ‘shocked’ after being ordered to destroy 29 paintings

[2022-08-12] Vietnam sets up specialized police units to suppress protests across the country

[2022-08-11] Vietnam appeals court reduces jail terms for two NGO workers

[2022-08-10] Vietnam's government struggles to counter what it calls 'fake news'

[2022-08-10] Relatives of political prisoners in Vietnam push for proper health care for inmates

[2022-08-09] Vietnamese police raid centers of banned religious sect

[2022-08-05] Three Hanoi-based activists appeal their sentences this month

[2022-08-04] Court of Appeal reduces journalist’s prison term by 18 months

[2022-07-29] Academic under house arrest after writing about improving Vietnam’s Communist Party

[2022-07-28] Vietnam religious freedoms group hits out at sentences against Peng Lei members

[2022-07-25] Jailed Vietnamese blogger protests harsh conditions in prison

[2022-07-25] Cao Dai follower detained for hours after returning from U.S. religious summit

[2022-07-25] Hmong Christians in Vietnam suffering severe persecution

[2022-07-22] Coercion claims as Vietnam jails 6 in crackdown on religious group

[2022-07-20] Vietnam accused of ignoring human rights commitments

[2022-07-20] US adds Vietnam, Cambodia, Macao to trafficking blacklist

[2022-07-18] Vietnamese Facebook activist’s family speak out about his ‘secret trial’

[2022-07-15] Vietnamese police try to stamp out religious sect

[2022-07-15] Jailed Vietnamese journalist named CPJ Press Freedom Award winner

[2022-07-14] Locals clash with police over road destruction

[2022-07-13] Man dies in custody after cockfighting arrest

[2022-07-08] 9 arrested for smuggling Vietnamese migrants across Europe

[2022-07-08] No amnesty for Vietnamese 'anti-state' prisoners this year

[2022-07-07] Vietnam criticizes Facebook for not removing 'malicious news'

[2022-07-05] VN arrested activist, well-known blogger Nguyen Lan Thang on “Conducting anti-state propaganda” allegation

[2022-07-01] VNHRN: Open Call for Nominations for the 2022 Vietnam Human Rights Award

[2022-06-30] Vietnam faces global calls to release anti-coal activist

[2022-06-29] Wife of prisoner of conscience banned from leaving Vietnam

[2022-06-24] Vietnam Human Rights Network Released Its 2021 – 2022 Report on Human Rights in Vietnam

[2022-06-21] Hmong family in Nghe An persecuted for converting to Christianity

[2022-06-19] Vietnam Jails High-Profile Environmentalist on Tax Evasion

[2022-06-15] Membership of a political party ‘cannot be grounds for arrest’ UN group says

[2022-06-14] Vietnam floats draconian new religion decrees

[2022-06-14] Vietnam state media trained to protect government policies

[2022-06-10] Four villagers hurt as hundreds protest over cemetery project in central Vietnam

[2022-06-10] Vietnamese Facebook user jailed for 5 years for criticizing government

[2022-06-07] Vietnam's religious groups face state persecution, church leaders say

[2022-06-03] Vietnamese journalist in failing health after 2 years in prison

[2022-06-01] Hundreds of Ede families in Vietnam demonstrate to demand land from forestry company

[2022-05-27] Vietnam keeps its death sentences quiet. Rights groups say it’s one of the world’s biggest executioners

[2022-05-20] Vietnam ethnic minority activist jailed for 4 years for reporting abuse allegations

[2022-05-19] Vietnamese attorneys face abuse from police when defending their clients

[2022-05-17] Vietnamese blogger sent back to jail after three years in mental hospital

[2022-05-12] Vietnam dissidents released, sent to US ahead of PM's Washington visit

[2022-05-08] Prominent human rights defender Nguyen Thuy Hanh sent to psychological hospital for forced treatment

[2022-05-05] Vietnamese writer declines literature award due to government threats

[2022-05-04] Vietnam unleashes the taxman on dissent

[2022-05-02] Vietnam ‘opinion workers’ push Russian fake news on Ukraine on social media

[2022-04-26] EU under pressure to get tough on Vietnam rights record

[2022-04-20] Amnesty International blasts new proposed social media regulations in Vietnam

[2022-04-20] Vietnam court jails 12 on subversion charges in trial described by lawyer as ‘flawed’

[2022-04-18] Open letter urging the UN members to prevent Vietnam from participating in the United Nations Human Rights Council

[2022-04-14] Vietnam arrests Facebook user for discussing high-profile financial crimes

[2022-04-13] sentence over traffic spat

[2022-04-08] Vietnam’s vote for Russia on UN council could damage campaign to lead it

[2022-04-07] Jailed Vietnamese rights activist marks one year in pre-trial detention

[2022-04-05] Vietnamese journalist gets 3 1/2 years for online criticism

[2022-04-05] EU must demand end to repression of civil society, respect of human rights pledges

[2022-04-04] EU: Press Vietnam to Improve Rights Record

[2022-04-04] Australia urges Vietnam to free jailed democracy supporter

[2022-03-18] Police intervention’ cancels Ukrainian fundraising event in Hanoi

[2022-03-17] Vietnamese coffee growers protest loss of land rights in Central Highlands

[2022-03-17] Vietnam irked by 'unsuitable' U.S. prize for jailed dissident

[2022-03-15] Thugs attack Vietnamese protesting hydropower plant

[2022-03-14] Pro-democracy Leaders, Jailed Journalist Among US 'Women of Courage' Honorees

[2022-03-09] Vietnam: Release environmental rights defender Dang Dinh Bach and drop all charges against him

[2022-03-07] Vietnamese land-rights protesters attacked by plainclothes thugs

[2022-03-01] Vietnam’s Political Suppression Continues, Second Activist Arrested on “Anti-state Propaganda” Allegation

[2022-02-26] Vietnam - Letter to the authorities: the Archdiocese of Hanoi calls for respect for religious freedom

[2022-02-22] Vietnam - State officials interrupt Mass celebrated by the Archbishop of Hanoi

[2022-02-18] Vietnamese workers celebrate Tet with strikes demanding pay raises

[2022-02-17] Vietnam: Activists’ Movements Blocked

[2022-02-15] Vietnamese workers at electronics plant strike for higher pay, more benefits

[2022-02-09] Vietnam arrests green activist on tax charges

[2022-02-09] Vietnamese man dies after setting himself on fire over order to move

[2022-02-09] Vietnam a ‘country of particular concern,’ US religious freedom agency says

[2022-02-01] Dominican priest killed while hearing confessions in Vietnam

[2022-01-27] Vietnamese political prisoner moved to criminal cells, beaten by guards

[2022-01-26] 300 Vietnamese workers held in isolation in China-backed power plant

[2022-01-24] Vietnamese activist forced to undergo mental health assessment while awaiting trial

[2022-01-21] UN experts deeply concerned by alleged trafficking of Vietnamese migrant workers to Serbia

[2022-01-19] Vietnamese activist who protested toxic spill freed after 5 years

[2022-01-19] Pham Doan Trang Named As One In Three 2022 Martin Ennals Laureates

[2022-01-15] Strike Takes Place in Taiwanese-owned Factory in Vietnam over Cut Bonuses

[2022-01-14] Vietnam sentences former police captain to 2 years over traffic spat

[2022-01-13] Vietnam arrests land rights activist for ‘spreading anti-state materials’

[2022-01-12] Mai Phan Loi: Former Vietnamese Journalist Jailed For 4 Years

[2022-01-10] Vietnam police arrest couple as they livestream criticism of the government

[2022-01-05] Vietnam military changes story on soldier death

[2022-01-05] The 117 Petition: Individuals And Civil Organizations Call For The Abolition Of Vietnam’s Controversial Laws

[2022-01-04] Vietnamese Organizations Calling On World Leaders To Boycott The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games



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