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Scott Johnson  - Being a member of a Christian house church in Vietnam can be a death sentence and no one in Washington or Hanoi seems to care

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Pham Hong Son  - To All International News Agencies, Journalists Reporting on APEC Summit 2006 in Ha Noi

Le Thi Cong Nhan  - The Truth about the Abolition of the Administrative Detention Decree 31/CP of 4-14-1997

Vietnam Observer  - Observation on the Central Bureau of Religious Affairs 2006 Internal Training Document on Dealing with the Hmong Christian Movement in the Northwest Provinces

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Father Chan Tin, Father Nguyen Huu Giai, and Father Phan Van Loi - Ordinance on Religion: A Method of Oppressing Religion by the Means of Law

Nguyen Hue Nhat & Dang Thi Dinh - The commission of crimes of the Vietnamese Communists in Germany- where will it go? The causes - the progress – the effects
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