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[12-26-2019] Vietnamese Authorities Block Detained Writer's Access to Lawyer During 'Investigation'

[12-20-2019] Two Vietnamese Activists Now in Failing Health in Prison

[12-19-2019] Police in Vietnam Detain Falun Gong Follower, Seize Her Pamphlets

[12-10-2019] VN Activist Vu Quoc Ngu is among 2019 Franco-German HR and the Rule of Law Prize’s Winners

[12-10-2019] Authorities attack Catholics in Lộc Hưng, tear down nativity scene

[12-10-2019] Vietnamese Dissident Dies of ‘Stroke’ in Prison, Police Refuse to Give Body Back

[12-07-2019] VNHRN Organized the the 71st International Human Rights Day and the 18th Vietnam Human Rights Award Ceremony

[11-27-2019] Vietnam jails third activist this month in crackdown on Facebook posts

[11-22-2019] VNHRN Statement About The Arrest of Journalist Pham Chi Dung

[11-21-2019] VNHRN Announced 2019 Vietnam Human Rights Award Winners

[11-21-2019] Vietnamese Authorities Arrest Journalist Pham Chi Dung for Writings Critical of the State

[11-20-2019] Illegal Fishing, Child Labor Reported in Vietnamese Fishing Fleet

[11-16-2019] Vietnam jails teacher for Facebook posts

[11-15-2019] Vietnamese Lawyer Who Offered to Defend Dissident Blogger is Sentenced to Term of House Arrest

[11-14-2019] Vietnam: Activist Facing Prison Term for Facebook Posts

[11-11-2019] Vietnam Court Convicts Australian Citizen, Two Others on ‘Terrorism’ Charges

[11-07-2019] Vietnam Court Rejects Appeal by US Citizen Michael Nguyen, Returns Him to Prison

[11-06-2019] Vietnam: Free Activist Jailed for Facebook Posts

[11-01-2019] All 39 people found dead in truck container were Vietnamese, British police say

[10-25-2019] Vietnamese family fears daughter may be among Essex victims

[10-25-2019] Vietnamese Environmental Activist Detained in Hanoi For Films Critical of Government

[10-25-2019] Vietnamese plaintiffs to fight dismissal of FPG case

[10-24-2019] Priest Urges US Sanctions on Rights Violators, Reclassification of Vietnam

[10-13-2019] Trial against Pro-democracy Activist Nguyen Nang Tinh Scheduled on October 17

[10-11-2019] Jailed Vietnamese Environmental Activist in Solitary After Cellmate Beat Him Unconscious

[10-10-2019] Labor Code Reforms Set for Debate in Vietnam

[10-08-2019] Vietnam: New Arrest for Facebook Postings - Ongoing Crackdown on Online Commentators

[10-08-2019] Hoa Hao Buddhists beaten by the police for opposing temple demolition

[10-02-2019] Vietnamese reporter beaten unconscious for investigating illegal logging

[09-27-2019] Vietnamese Police Detain Facebook User for Anti-state Propaganda

[09-27-2019] Vietnam Political Prisoner Nguyen Van Dien on Second Hunger Strike of 2019

[09-23-2019] Vietnam Court Rejects Bloggers’ Appeals, Sends Them Back to Prison

[09-19-2019] Vietnam Criticized at UN Meeting in Geneva Over Rights Violations

[09-13-2019] Vietnamese Blogger Pham Doan Trang Receives Award For Work to Improve Journalistic Freedom

[08-31-2019] Vietnam: 6-year-old Christian girl beaten into coma for faith in Jesus

[08-29-2019] Detained RFA Blogger in Vietnam Has First Meeting With Lawyer

[08-28-2019] Australia: Press Vietnam to Respect Rights...

[08-22-2019] Vietnamese Facebook User Gets Six-Year Prison Term For ‘Negative’ Posts

[08-18-2019] Vietnam Human Rights Network Concluded Its 14th Congress

[08-12-2019] Jailed Vietnamese Activist Ho Duc Hoa Suffering From Multiple Health Conditions: Family

[08-01-2019] Open Calls for Nominations for the 2019 Vietnam Human Rights Award

[07-25-2019] RFA Blogger Truong Duy Nhat Faces New Charges in Vietnam

[07-19-2019] Vietnamese Lawyers Petition Government Leaders in Case of Abducted RFA Blogger

[07-12-2019] Family Members, Activists Beaten by ‘Thugs’ During Vietnam Prison Visit

[07-08-2019] Jailed Vietnamese Activist Wins Short Stays Outside His Cell Following Hunger Strike

[06-24-2019] US Citizen Held in Vietnam Given 12-Year Prison Sentence

[06-21-2019] Thai Police Helped Vietnam Abduct RFA Blogger: Rights Group

[06-20-2019] Vietnamese Activists Say Authorities Ally With Gangsters to Suppress People

[06-06-2019] Vietnamese Environmental Activist Gets 6 Years for Facebook Posts

[05-30-2019] US ‘Very Concerned’ Over Growing Crackdown in Vietnam: Diplomat

[05-29-2019] US Lawmakers Urge Greater Push For Vietnam Press Freedoms

[05-24-2019] Amnesty International Condemns ‘Torture’ of Jailed RFA Blogger in Vietnam

[05-15-2019] US Says Vietnam Blocks Dissidents From Contact With Rights Delegation

[05-14-2019] Jailed Vietnamese Activist Nguyen Van Hoa is Attacked, Put in Solitary

[05-10-2019] Jailed Vietnam Blogger is Returned to Mental Hospital, Forcibly Medicated

[04-02-2019] Vietnamese Prison Refuses to Mail Jailed Activist’s Appeal Request

[03-22-2019] Vietnam Broke Its Own Laws in Arrest of Blogger Spirited from Thailand-Experts

[03-20-2019] RFA Blogger Who Disappeared in Bangkok is Being Held in Hanoi, Says Daughter

[03-15-2019] Human Rights Watch Calls For Immediate Release of Six Jailed Vietnamese Activists

[03-12-2019] NGO Hits Back at Vietnam’s Denials of Rights Abuses

[02-26-2019] Vietnamese Activists Kept Under Wraps During US-North Korea Summit in Hanoi

[02-05-2019] Radio Free Asia Vietnamese Blogger Missing Amid Abduction Reports

[01-30-2019] Video of Alleged Police Beating in Vietnam Goes Viral

[01-09-2019] Jailed Vietnamese Environmental Activist in Declining Health-Brother



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