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[09-25-2020] US Lawmaker ‘Adopts’ Jailed Vietnamese Journalist as Prisoner of Conscience

[09-25-2020] Dong Tam Report

[09-24-2020] Vietnamese Political Prisoners Stage Hunger Strike

[09-22-2020] Vietnam Court Convicts 20 on Terrorism, Explosives Charges in Two-Day Trial 

[09-18-2020] USCIRF Welcomes Release of Pastor A Dao in Vietnam

[09-18-2020] Vietnamese Police Detain Man for Facebook Criticism of Government in Land Rights Case

[09-16-2020] Statement by VNHRN and DTD on the Conviction of 29 Dong Tam Commune Land-Appropriation Victims

[09-14-2020] Two Get Death as Dong Tam Violent Land Dispute Trial Ends in Vietnam

[09-14-2020] Vietnamese court jails four people for role in British truck deaths

[09-10-2020] Vietnamese Police Follow Dong Tam Defense Lawyers, Seize Computer Notes of Trial

[09-09-2020] Defendants in Vietnam’s Dong Tam Trial Allege Torture in Custody

[09-08-2020] Dong Tam Trial Opens in Vietnam, Defense Cites Violations of Due Process

[09-08-2020] Vietnam Court Set to Try 20 on ‘Terrorism’ Charges

[09-04-2020] NGOs Call on UN to Press Vietnam for a Fair Trial in Dong Tam Case

[08-25-2020] Human rights defender Trinh Ba Tu on hunger strike in police custody, reason unknown

[08-23-2020] One more Facebooker arrested and charged with “Conducting Anti-state Propaganda"...

[08-16-2020] Vietnamese Benedictines condemn authorities' 'terrorism'

[08-14-2020] Vietnam Appeals Court Upholds 10-Year Sentence for RFA Blogger

[08-13-2020] U. S. Government raises concern about the conviction of 8 members of the Hien Phap Group in VN

[08-12-2020] Dozens Gather at Catholic Monastery in Vietnam to Demand Church ‘Return’ Commune Land 

[07-31-2020] Eight Vietnamese Democracy Activists Given Long Terms in Prison

[07-31-2020] Cornyn, Rubio Send Letter Urging Sanctions for Vietnamese Human Rights Abuses

[07-16-2020] Detained Vietnamese Blogger Beaten, Forcibly Injected

[07-13-2020] "Vietnam, Move Beyond Repression" - Open letter from 10 international NGOs

[07-10-2020] Acclaimed Vietnam Journalist Pham Doan Trang Quits Publishing House After Harassment

[07-07-2020] Open Call For Nominations For The 2020 Vietnam Human Rights Award

[07-07-2020] Statement of VNHRN  and DTD on the arrest and prosecution of land rights defenders six months after Dong Tam incident

[07-07-2020] Vietnam jails Facebook user for pro-democracy broadcasts

[07-07-2020] Jailed pastor's son 'bludgeoned' with baton, detained by Vietnamese police amid US ambassador's visit

[07-06-2020] Vietnam Sentences Three Members of Exile Group to 19 Years Total for Spreading ‘Propaganda’

[06-26-2020] Vietnam Indicts 25 Dong Tam Protesters on Murder-Related Charges

[06-24-2020] Vietnam Arrests Four For Sharing Info on Dong Tam Police Raid

[06-23-2020] Vietnam Sentences ‘Dr. Haircut’ to Six Years for Live-streaming on Facebook

[06-19-2020] Vietnam: Crackdown on Peaceful Dissent Intensifies

[06-18-2020] Cao Dai Church in Vietnam Resists Takeover Bid by Followers of State-Controlled Branch

[06-17-2020] Vietnamese Police Arrest Two Facebook Users Linked to Popular Discussion Group

[06-14-2020] Communist Regime Arrests Third Member of IJAVN in Effort to Eradicate Free Press 

[06-12-2020] Vietnam Police Call For Murder Charges Against 25 Dong Tam Detainees

[06-10-2020] Censorship tactics overshadow Vietnam's successful COVID-19 response

[06-05-2020] UN warns that COVID-19 is being used in Asia to crack down on freedom

[06-01-2020] Four Arrested and Three Injured as Thousands Strike at Taiwanese-owned Adidas Supplier in Vietnam

[05-26-2020] Joint statement of VNHRN and DTD on the arrests of the IJAVN's members

[05-23-2020] Vietnamese Blogger Nguyen Tuong Thuy Arrested For Holding ‘Anti-State’ Documents

[05-22-2020] Vietnamese Dissidents Deprived of Fresh Air, Medicine in Prison

[05-21-2020] Vietnamese Dissident Writer Arrested on Subversion Charge

[05-18-2020] Vietnam Publisher Recovering From Torture, Daughter Released-Writer

[05-15-2020] Vietnam Human Rights Network Releases its 2019-2020 Annual Report

[05-13-2020] Vietnamese Prisoners Beaten For Requesting More Hours of Outside Work

[05-11-2020] Vietnamese Police Clash With 100 Khmer Krom Farmers in Latest Land Dispute

[05-09-2020] VNHRN protests against the VN Supreme Court's decision regarding the death penalty to Mr. Ho Duy Hai on May 08, 2020.

[05-09-2020]Vietnam’s Top Court Rejects Request to Reinvestigate Death-row Inmate’s Case

[05-08-2020] Vietnamese Man Arrested For Gambling Dies in Jailhouse Beating

[05-07-2020] RFA Posts Citing Critics of Vietnam Government Cut From Facebook

[04-28-2020] Vietnamese facebook user hit with 5-year prison term amid tightening restrictions on press freedom

[04-27-2020] Vietnam Jails Man For 18 Months Over Facebook Posts About Deadly Land Protests

[04-24-2020] Vietnam Court Upholds 11-Year Sentence For Music Teacher Who Posted Online Criticism

[04-24-2020] Vietnamese Police Arrest Dissident Writer for Connection With Democracy Group

[04-22-2020] Vietnam Blogger Crackdown Continues with Harsh Supreme Court Ruling, More Arrests

[04-21-2020] Exclusive: Facebook agreed to censor posts after Vietnam slowed traffic – sources

[04-15-2020] Vietnam Introduces 'Fake News' Fines for Coronavirus Misinformation

[04-15-2020] Relatives of Vietnam’s Political Prisoners Plead For Release Amid Coronavirus Fears

[04-08-2020] VNHRN calls on Vietnam authorities to release prisoners of conscience during Covid-19

[04-06-2020] Vietnam urged to free prisoners of conscience over Covid-19

[03-19-2020] Vietnam Jails Two Hmong Men For Life in Alleged Campaign to Set up Separate Ethnic State

[03-16-2020] U.S. State Department Condemns Jailing of RFA Blogger in Vietnam

[03-11-2020] Vietnam Copies China Model of Forced Confessions on State TV-Report

[03-09-2020] Vietnamese blogger who was abducted in Thailand sentenced to 10 years in prison

[03-06-2020] Vietnamese Montagnard Ends Prison Term, Goes Home in Failing Health

[03-03-2020] Police nab six members of gang that charged Vietnamese migrants as much as €20,000

[03-02-2020] Dissident exile stops blogging because family back home is being hounded

[02-26-2020] Vietnamese Woman Accused of Membership in US-based ‘Terror Group’

[02-23-2020] Vietnamese monk, Nobel nominee, dies at 93

[02-19-2020] Vietnam’s Rights Record Deteriorating Despite Regular Dialogue With West: Experts

[02-18-2020] EU Must Press Vietnam to End Abuses, Rights Groups Say

[02-12-2020] Lawmakers overwhelmingly approved the previously negotiated deals in spite of lingering issues.

[02-06-2020] NGOs Ask EU Parliament to Vote Against EU-Vietnam FTA And IPA Over Human Rights Issues

[01-31-2020] Former Vietnamese Political Prisoner to Receive Rights Award in Paris

[01-27-2020] Two Vietnamese Prisoners of Conscience Given Solitary Confinement

[01-22-2020] Vietnamese Intellectuals Denounce Police Killing at Dong Tam

[01-16-2020] Police Attacked First in Vietnam’s Dong Tam Clash, Witness Reports Say

[01-16-2020] Viet Nam: Arrests and social media crackdown follow deadly clashes over land

[01-16-2020] Deadly land dispute in Vietnam sparks crackdown on 'critical' social media

[01-13-2020] Vietnam arrests Facebook user over land rights clash

[01-11-2020] VNHRN's Statement About The Persecution of Dong Tam Commune

[01-10-2020] Civilian Killed in Violent Land Clash in Vietnam Identified as Elderly Community Leader

[01-10-2020] Vietnamese blogger released but forced into exile

[01-06-2020] Vietnam’s PM Urges Police to Clamp Down on National Security Crimes

[01-01-2020] Defend the Defenders’ Latest Statistics: Vietnam Holds 239 Prisoners of Conscience



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