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    • [2022-06-24]  Vietnam Human Rights Network Released Its 2021 – 2022 Report on Human Rights in Vietnam

      On June 24, 2022, the Vietnam Human Rights Network released its Report on Human Rights in Vietnam for the period of 2021 to May 2022 during a press conference in Little Saigon, California. Participated in the press conference were some Vietnamese-language press agencies journalists and correspondents of Radio Free Asia, Voice of America, and Radio Đáp Lời Sông Núi. Some dignitaries of the Vietnamese community were also present. The press conference was also live-streamed via Zoom.

    • [2022-06-21]  Hmong family in Nghe An persecuted for converting to Christianity

      A family of 13 has become the victim of attacks and intimidation because of their faith. Authorities have refused to issue a birth certificate for one of their children. Their story is documented in a report sent to the Evangelical Church of Vietnam. The family has had their electricity cut off and farming implements confiscated.

    • [2022-06-19]   Vietnam Jails High-Profile Environmentalist on Tax Evasion

      Nguy Thi Khanh, a globally recognised climate and energy campaigner, was sentenced in Hanoi on Friday, a court official confirmed to AFP without giving any further details.

    • [2022-06-15]  Membership of a political party ‘cannot be grounds for arrest’ UN group says

      The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) has criticized the case against a Vietnamese Australian facing a 12-year sentence as lacking grounds for arrest.

    • [2022-06-14]  Vietnam floats draconian new religion decrees

      When the “Government of Vietnam” posted two draft religion decrees the first week of June, even ranking staff members of the Government Bureau of Religious Affairs were taken by surprise and encouraged religious leaders to strongly object.

    • [2022-06-14]  Vietnam state media trained to protect government policies

      Reporters and editors employed by state media outlets in Vietnam are being trained to uphold the views of the ruling Communist Party on human rights, freedom of expression and other politically sensitive topics, sources in the country say.

    • [2022-06-10]  Four villagers hurt as hundreds protest over cemetery project in central Vietnam

      Four people were hurt in clashes with police as hundreds of mostly female protesters wrapped themselves in Vietnamese flags to rally against a cemetery and crematorium project in central Vietnam, villagers said Friday.

    • [2022-06-10]  Vietnamese Facebook user jailed for 5 years for criticizing government

      A Vietnamese court on Thursday sentenced a Facebook user to five years in prison for posting stories criticizing government authorities, with an additional five years of probation to be served following his release, state media and other sources said.

    • [2022-06-07]  Vietnam's religious groups face state persecution, church leaders say

      Church leaders in Vietnam say freedom to practice their religion, enshrined in the Constitution, is being undermined by the 2016 Law on Belief-Religion. Their comments support U.S. claims that the law allows the government to tighten control over religious activities.

    • [2022-06-03]  Vietnamese journalist in failing health after 2 years in prison

      A Vietnamese journalist is in failing health after serving two years of a prison sentence for criticizing the country’s one-party communist government, RFA has learned. Prison authorities have rejected requests he be allowed to seek medical treatment outside his jail.

    • [2022-06-01]  Hundreds of Ede families in Vietnam demonstrate to demand land from forestry company

      Hundreds of ethnic minority households from a commune in south-central Vietnam's Dak Lak province are fighting to reclaim their land from a forestry company after 40 years of working on it as hired laborers.

    • [2022-05-27]  Vietnam keeps its death sentences quiet. Rights groups say it’s one of the world’s biggest executioners

      Vietnam is famously secretive about its use of capital punishment. However, rights groups believe it to be one of the biggest executioners in the world and the biggest in Southeast Asia.

    • [2022-05-20]  Vietnam ethnic minority activist jailed for 4 years for reporting abuse allegations

      An ethnic Ede Montagnard minority activist was sentenced to four years in prison on Friday for submitting three reports about human rights violations in Vietnam to “reactionary forces” overseas, another activist who followed his trial said.

    • [2022-05-19]  Vietnamese attorneys face abuse from police when defending their clients

      Attorneys in Vietnam say their ability to defend their clients in court is being undercut by threats and physical abuse the lawyers themselves face, often at the hands of state authorities.

    • [2022-05-17]  Vietnamese blogger sent back to jail after three years in mental hospital

      A Vietnamese blogger held for three years in a mental hospital while awaiting trial for criticizing Vietnam’s one-party communist state has been sent back to his former detention center on the orders of the Hanoi Police Investigation Agency, RFA has learned.

    • [2022-05-12]  Vietnam dissidents released, sent to US ahead of PM's Washington visit

      Vietnamese journalist Ho Duc Hoa was released from prison and put on a plane to the United States ahead of a regional summit this week after more than a decade behind bars for treason in what rights activists said was proof that international pressure works on the one-party Communist regime in Hanoi.

    • [2022-05-08]  Prominent human rights defender Nguyen Thuy Hanh sent to psychological hospital for forced treatment

      Authorities in Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi have suspended the investigation against local prominent human rights defender Nguyen Thuy Hanh, sending her to a psychological hospital for forced treatment, her husband Huynh Ngoc Chenh told Defend the Defenders.

    • [2022-05-05]  Vietnamese writer declines literature award due to government threats

      A Vietnamese literary critic who won an award from a group of her peers has declined to publicly accept it due to what she said were threats from authorities.

    • [2022-05-04]  Vietnam unleashes the taxman on dissent

      Vietnamese authorities are cranking up tax evasion cases against activists in a bid to soften the complexion of their repression

    • [2022-05-02]  Vietnam ‘opinion workers’ push Russian fake news on Ukraine on social media

      Vietnamese “opinion workers” who promote the Communist Party and protect its image on social media now have a new role: spreading fake or misleading reports that support Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Facebook.



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